Designing Community Campaigns for Weight Loss

It can be difficult developing a community that is dedicated to weight loss. Many times the goals that are set forth are never met and people eventually fall of the wagon. Poor results and a lack of success usually stems from the usual suspects such as fast food, a lack of money to promote the program. Many cities have tried to tackle this problem through creating more hiking and bike trials and even putting up calorie counts in specific restaurants, but these efforts lack the marketing that is needed for weight loss.

One of the biggest challenges for a health program from the local to the national level is increasing both a demand for losing weight and an adequate supply for those who want to lose weight. In order to reach these marketing goals there must be certain things set in place. For example, it is wise to set realistic goals that are initially easy to reach. Take initial results and then set a goal using that information, create a short campaign that lasts for only five to eight weeks to get everyone’s attention and set small goals of around one or two pounds a week for those that participate.

Create an Incentive

It is also good to create an incentive for weight loss. This isn’t necessarily to get people to work harder, but to reach out to a wider array of people and introduce more people into the program. Things like a grand prize that involved a lottery. The power of an incentive will not only attract more people, but it will also help keep participants dedicated to the program for a longer period of time.

Reach Out to a Wide Array of People

The goal of a community weight loss campaign is to get people to eat and live healthier, but in order for that to work it is the job of the campaign to reach people on a deeper level. Reaching out to everyone individually or even in small groups is a good way to keep them in the program. Not only will that, but involving local companies, organizations, and restaurants serve as a constant reminder to the person that is working in the program. It is also wise to involve healthy people in the effort to help people overcome some of the more difficult parts of the program. Developing something similar to a buddy program is an effective way to reach out to people.

Keep an Eye on Things

The final thing that can be done is paying attention to everything. Keeping the program going for a short amount of time helps make sure that people don’t fall off of the program and give up on it. It is also wise to monitor and evaluate everything such as having an initial and final weight measurement to help make sure that the participants are committed to the program. Through these efforts it is possible to create a community weight loss campaign that does not only reach out to people but actively keeps them in the program for the duration of it.

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